Anabol Tablets British Dispensary 5mg/tab [1000 tabs]

Anabol Tablets British Dispensary 5mg/tab [1000 tabs]
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Anabol, Danabol, Methanabol, Methacaps have active substance is Methandionone. 

This product is called such as legend between bodybuilders. For  years is favourite of the bodybuilders. On the market there are a lot of fake of this product. When is used Anabol , gives so much power however provides substantially adding too much muscles to your body.

Anabol which increases the way your body synthesizes protein, increases your glycogenolysis and  strengthen you in a direct manner, is known as methandrostenolone as the brand name of the generic steroid. 

Because it works faster than other steroids, bodybuilders use Anabol that is simply a "mass steroid" reliable and quickly. With Dianabol put on 2-4 pounds per week in the first six weeks, is normal. In many athletes who are prepared for a competition,  Dianabol has only limited use because of water retention and its high conversion rate into estrogen it complicates the athlete's fat breakdown.

Powerful and effcient Methandienone which is used during your cycle, must be terminated with the end of cycle products like HCG, Clomid or Tamoxifene (Nolvadex).


Combination with oral steroids is recommended:
Stanozolol (Stanocaps, Stanol, Winstrol, Stromba, Azolol, Stanabol)
Oxandrolone (Oxacaps, Anavar, Bonavar, Oxanabol tablets, Oxandro tablets)

For axcellent development of muscles and great results we recommend a combination with injectable steroids:
Nandrolone decanoate (Deca-durabolin organon, Deca-durabolin NORMA, D-nandrolon, Decabol 250, Decaject Depot, Dexxa 250)
Testosterone cypionate (T-cypionat, Testabol Depot, Cytex 250, Cypionax, Cypioject, Cypiobolic, Testex Elmu Prolongatum)
Testosterone enanthate (T-enanthat, Testabol enanthate, Enanject, Testosterone DEPO Galenika, Testoviron Depot 250, Norma Hellas, Cidoteston)


Methandienone (anabol) is a cornerstone for most of the volume cycles.

For athletes an effective daily dose is around 15-50 mg/day. Its Half-Life in your body is only good for 3 to 6 hours. When spread your doses to 3 to 4 times you can gain better results with 1 to 2 doses. Dianabol after 1-3 hours arrives the blood. A simple application of only 10 mg results in a 5-fold increase in the average testosterone concentration in the male.


When it is be taken high dosages and over a longer period of time, Dianabol is liver-toxic. Dianabol can cause a serious acne on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. It can also speed a possible hair loss.  In high dosages of 50+ mg/day can occur mood swings, kidney damage, gyno, heart palpitations.